My name is Charles and I am of Belgian nationality.

I'm one gotten passionate for in temporal things, for the sublimity of the details and for aesthetic of the beauty and this personal passion it was changeded into my professional life. Already goes 35 years there to run the entire world importing and exporting an infinite gamma of old things, used articles and rejoinders in such a way of interiors as of exteriors.

Portugal was one of the countries where it also commercialized, but the wealth of its history, of its people, the peace, the sea and this magnificent sun had been in such a way irresistible that, appearing in September of 1995 the chance, I installed my business in Fão - Esposende, a land with all charisma of the my passion and good close to history, it sea and it sun. There, in a space with many hundreds of m2 the one that I called “CharlesCenter”, I all display and I commercialize articles proceeding from the whole world and the type in such a way for interiors as for exteriors. Of this immense gamma, some can see here, in a visit that I wait either pleasant and since I am thankful, also using to advantage to leave the invitation to a real visit.

I know that it goes to like therefore comes with time.